2015 Honda Accord Sedan Concept Release Date

Each year, every car producer keeps producing their new car, including Honda. Now, Honda is dealing with 2015 Accord. For you who are a big fan of Honda, you will be very happy hearing that Honda is releasing the concept car of 2015 Honda Accord Sedan. Along with the information of the car concept itself, it is told that Honda will move some of their car production from Japan to US to hinder the problems about the increasing of the yen.

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Interior and Engine Prediction of 2015 Honda Accord Sedan

This 2015 Honda Accord Sedan is believed to be an improved car. There will be an improvement in its interior and engine. For the interior, Honda is predicted to add some enhancements. There will be a multi-angle rearview digicam, seat with bio-fabric content, LED with front illumination, Honda Link EV Smartphone that enable the passenger connect their smartphone with the car, and so on. The energy method is assured about 100 mpg. About the engine, although Honda itself has not confirmed the information officially but the engine will be enhanced to be more effective. The 3.5-liter V-6 motor along with pipe deactivation which is cylindrical will improve the performance of this car. But the design of four cylinder machine will remain the same. The gas utilization will also be improved. This car will produce at least 181 hp with the torque about 177 lb-ft. The six-speed information also will be in this car. There is CVT technology also.

When Will the Car Be Released?

Unfortunately Honda has not confirmed the release date officially. But the 2015 Honda Accord Sedan is gossiped to be released this year in delayed. Waiting for this amazing car surely will be so exciting. Thus, you have to wait for the exact date. To get further information, keep in touch with the news of Honda.

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New 2015 Honda Accord Sedan Concept Release Date
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