2015 Honda Civic Coupe Review

Los Angeles Auto Show this year has always become a prestigious event for the car producers from all over the world. They compete to show their innovation. Honda, one of the biggest car producers that are famous among the auto lovers, has also shown their innovation. In the event, Honda introduced its Honda FCEV Concept and new civic coupe. Honda FCEV Concept is a model of a 2015 Honda Civic Coupe which uses alternative fuel energy and it will be the next generation for 2015. This event is the initial exhibition of Honda Civic Coupe. And, now, the concept of 2015 honda civic coupe is already in the air.

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New Improvement Added to the 2015 honda civic coupe

Look back at the 2013, Honda used Earth Dreams engine of 2.4 liter for the first time for its cars. And it makes Honda famous with its eco-friendly cars. For the new car, Honda keeps changing and improving either design, machine, and features in their cars. The earth dream itself uses DHOC system and 16-valve i-VTEC. The machine is using 4 cylinder as usual with direct injection. This new machine is better than the previous 2.4 liter. And now, the new 2015 honda civic coupe will be improved with new machine that will result at least 181 horse power. For the torque itself, the number produced will be at least 240 Nm. The new machine is mated with CVT and 6-speed manual transmision. There will be VCM technology that will economize the fuel energy consumption of the car. With this VCM, Honda civic coupe is hoped to be the best in its class. For the body, it is said that this new honda civic coupe will get improvement in front grille, front fender, headlight, new alloy wheel, and rear air diffuser which will be more sporty.

When Will the Car be Marketed?

You may be very excited about the release date of this 2015 honda civic coupe. Unfortunately, there is still no information about the exact release date of this stunning car. Well, you have to wait for further info patiently.

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New 2015 Honda Civic Coupe Review
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