2015 Honda FCEV Concept Review

2015 honda FCEV will become the great news for all people who are looking and waiting for new fuel-cell car from Honda. In this modern time, most of automotive manufactures will try to promote new car with friendly technology. We already know about hybrid car and today Honda tries to promote the new friendly environment car with fuel cell power train package. You who want to buy this new Honda FCEV you must read the specification and some interesting things from this 2015 Honda FCEV.

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Specification of Honda FCEV

2015 honda FCEV is best fuel cell electric vehicle from Honda that applies fuel cell powertrain package for the power source. It is the first time from Honda and first time in the automotive world to use fuel-cell powetrain in the vehicle. By using this power engine, the car will have efficiency cabin and performance.

The fuel cell powertrain in this 2015 Honda FCEV will be able to increase 60% of power than when the car uses standard or regular powertrain. The new fuel cell stack will be able to deliver more than 300 miles driving range. How about the design of this car? The new Honda FCEV will be made with ultra aerodynamic body and the larger space for passengers. You can bring 5 passengers inside this car.

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Release Date and Price of Honda FCEV

Most people really wait for this 2015 Honda FCEV because this car offers fuel economy system that will reduce the use of fuel. The design is so stylish and by driving this car, you can reduce the global warming effect for this earth. The futuristic style makes people feel so proud when they drive this car. Although some people like with this car, there are some other people that prefer to buy regular 2015 Honda FCEV . For all of you who want to buy this car, you must wait until 2015 because this car will be launched in US and Japan in 2015. There is no clear price for 2015 honda FCEV but some people predicts that the price will be more expensive than the previous generation.(TE)

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New 2015 Honda FCEV Concept Review
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