2015 Honda Fit Specs

The Fit model of Honda will come again for the 2015 model. After the first model occurred in 2001, and followed by the second generation in 2007, it is the time for the 2015 model to hits the market. The Honda Fit’s Chief Engineering states that for the 2015 model, this Honda Fit will get some updates to make the good things in the previous generation become better for this newest model. If the 2001 model has sold up to 4 million cars, we can expect that maybe this newest can hits the market in 2015. That is what Honda Fit lovers may expect for the 2015 Honda Fit.

2015 honda fit hybrid us specs design

2015 Honda Fit Specs

For this latest model of the Honda Fit, Honda offers a new engine is a 1.5-liter four-cylinder hybrids with new smart dual-clutch drive. RS 1.5-liter engine has a six-speed manual transmissions, and for the 1.3-liter comes with a new CVT. Handling and ride quality Honda senior engineer said that this 2015 Honda Fit benchmark specification has a specific Volkswagen models. The things that maybe they took and applied for this new Fit is for the huge stability levels, car’s suspension, electronic power steering and some others redesigned and update for a better performance of this car.

2015 honda fit hybrid us yellow

2015 Honda Fit Exterior

This new hatchback from Honda has a new polarized look that is very attractive and stunning design. The front end of this new Fit is stunningly bolder and Honda adds plenty of the street cred on it. The design for this new 2015 Honda Fit has a clarity fuel car concept. Besides, Honda will also make this car to have a strong connection to internet toward its high tech Smartphones on the interior. Honda said that the new Fit will have a new face significant and rood attendance is also strong. The face of the new Honda Fit new edge design with attractive very interesting and amazing.

2015 Honda Fit red color wallpapers

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New 2015 Honda Fit Specs
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