2015 Honda Insight Hybrid

Introduced in 1999 in its home market of Japan, the Honda Insight is a hybrid electric vehicle. While the first generation was produced from 1999 to 2006, the second generation made its way into the United States and went on sale on March 24, 2009. Unlike the first generation Honda Insight that comes as a three-door hatchback, the second generation was packaged in a five-door hatchback with the price of $19,800, making it the least expensive hybrid available in the US. And for its sixth year on the market, the Japanese leading manufacturer is preparing the 2015 Honda Insight Hybrid.

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2015 Honda Insight Hybrid Specifications

Compared to the previous versions of the Honda Insight, this new version is getting a new battery pack with minor revisions to the interior materials department. As a front wheel drive, the 2015 Honda Insight Hybrid is designed with the high-tail hatchback shape because it’s aerodynamically most efficient. The almost-horizontal main glass improves visibility for a clearer vision. The engine is a 1.3 liter four-cylinder unit with a 14 horsepower motor placed between the engine and CVT (continuously variable transmission).

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2015 Honda Insight Hybrid Pros and Cons

With its attractive design, the 2015 Honda Insight Hybrid proves to be a smooth ride too. It handles decently despite its small size until it accelerates hard. The engine howls quite noisily, which shows just how hard it’s working. The vehicle’s tiny engine and high weight may come into conflict where there’s less reserve on the highway, which make the passing should be plan carefully. The space inside the vehicle in front is pretty good, although higher driver and passengers can find sloping roofline create a rear seat headroom extremely tight. At a cost of lack than $ 19,000, 2015 Honda Insight Hybrid also comes with great features such as map lights, armrest console, security system, and a four-speaker audio system.

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New 2015 Honda Insight Hybrid
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