2015 Honda S2000 Concept New Improvements

2015 Honda S2000 – The Honda Motor Company always proudly presents the best car products for long decades. The high technology and fresh concepts must be included for all innovation. Honda S2000 is one of this Japanese Automaker’s successful products. S2000 is a type of luxurious and sporty sedan car. This car series is always in heart since its first production in 1999. Five years later, the second S2000 series was released in 2007. The greatest success of this sales happened in 2009. In order to continue the success of this car, this series will be revised and improved one more in the all new 2015 Honda S2000.

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2015 Honda S2000 Specs

You will be amazed knowing that the all new 2015 Honda S2000 comes with new improvements on its outlook view. The front grille comes with more sporty and luxurious style. The dynamic horizontal accents covered by fine sparkling chrome really grab your attention from the front view. The front and rear bumper which are more modern and artistic can also enhance its new appearance. The sharp headlights become the great complement with all the sporty taste in front. The head and tail lights are equipped with LED daytime running lights. The most attention will be on its weight. The body kit is composed by light weight materials from the combination of aluminum steel and hybrid fiber. This composition will really enhance the sport car performance. The futuristic and elegant looks are also accepted for the whole interior design. The black and red paintings will be combined inside. The one row cabin really gives you the futuristic exclusiveness for a sporty car. This futuristic sport car is also featured with all high technology entertainment devices and full safety systems. These features will ensure you with full assist and protection while driving on the road.

2015 honda s2000 turbo kit autoshow

2015 Honda S2000 Powertrain

The power engine inside the all new 2015 Honda S2000 is enhanced with Hybrid technology. This technology will ensure you with the combination of gasoline and electrical engine. This new luxurious sedan car series is powered by a 1.5 liter four-cylinder engine. This engine can produce 160 horse powers and peak torque of 150 lb-ft. Through this power train, the new S2000 can reach 0-60 Km/h just in 6 seconds. This powerful engine will be available in 6-speed automatic CVT transmission.

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New 2015 Honda S2000 Concept New Improvements
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