2015 Hummer H1 Detail Specifications

2015 Hummer H1 is in fact a future car that is waited by quite a lot of enthusiasts right now. Clearly, this is something related to the fame of Hummer H1 because of its distinctive and tough look as well as its powerful performance. One thing to be grateful for about this car version for the year of 2015 is that information about details specification of the car has been shared by the automaker even if this information may not be too detailed. The sure thing is engine details are already included in it.

2015 Hummer H1 front view pictures

Specification of the Engine

Talking about the engine of 2015 Hummer H1, you have to know that a type of engine will be offered for it is none other but a 6.7L Cummins engine with 6-speed Allison transmission system. This engine is also completed with rail injection system which definitely affects the performance of the vehicle. Unfortunately, it is not known yet right now about the amount of power which can be created by this engine. The sure thing is that the horsepower will be more than the one produced by the engine of the current version of Hummer H1 since it is also a form of development done by the automaker in order to make the quality of the car much better. Other details you have to know as well about this engine are that this is combined perfectly with new chassis and also new hardware in order to support the car performance better.

2015 Hummer H1 rear view photos

New Features Available

Besides the engine details of 2015 Hummer H1, there are still some other details considered to be new as well in the car. Let us say that there will be some parts taken from the 1996 series of the same car family which will be used as well for the one created for the year of 2015. Those include; VIN plate, dash, and also brackets even if these are not all. Compared to the exterior details which may not be too much different from the latest version of H1, the interior will look totally different because the manufacturer already mentioned about the redone plan for it. Dark metallic brown color can be said to be the one that decorate the interior quite the most. Other than this, the interior will also be decorated with satin sheen, which is in fact another luxury detail available in there. With all of the luxury values, you have to know that the range of 2015 Hummer H1 price of it is started at about $179,000.

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New 2015 Hummer H1 Detail Specifications
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