2015 Hummer H2 Sut New Concept

For you who are always fascinated with the design of military vehicle, 2015 Hummer H2 seems to be a really great choice that you have to think about. Undeniably, the exterior look of this car is simply so-military. Moreover, it is also rumored that this car series used to be designed for military use only. Even so, right now it is also mass-produced. Although it is so, there is still a rumor that this will not be produced in so many units. In other words, there is a possibility for this new car to be limited. For your info, the price that will be applied to this new car is predicted to be around $33,000. Some may say that this is such a great price but still it is a reasonable one since the greatness and tough looking of the car are equal to that price.

2015 hummer h2 silver new design

2015 Hummer H2 Concept

The first catchy detail which can be found in this 2015 Hummer H2 is no other else but the interior of it. When you see this interior, you might be surprised because it looks so neat and luxurious and might be away from tough impression just like the exterior look of the car. Other significant detail which can also be seen in this interior is the room which is so spacious. Besides, the interior also has a quite strong clearness, which is in fact related to the clear visibility that is definitely very helpful in driving.

2015 hummer h2 luxury black edition

2015 Hummer H2 Specs

If seen from the specifications, of course this 2015 Hummer H2 is the car with full of great specifications which will make it perform awesomely. This Hummer H2 is adorned with a really powerful engine options. The first one is the 6.0L V8 engine with the ability to develop for about 300 horsepower. The other one is a 6.2L V8 engine which can develop a higher level of power which reaches the number of about 393 horsepower. Other than the engine detail, this tough vehicle is actually also the one which is designed with towing ability. For this one, it is calculated that the towing ability reaches the number of up to 8,000 pounds. With all of these, it is so reasonable that this new Hummer is mentioned to be a tough vehicle which can also be suitable for those who need vehicle for heavy duties. The best thing is, as mentioned earlier, this tough vehicle also owns a quite lot of luxurious values especially in the interior design of it.

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New 2015 Hummer H2 Sut New Concept
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