2015 Infiniti G37 Release Concept

Infiniti seems reluctant to share their upcoming sedan, the 2015 Infiniti G37. Even though the Q50 has been released to the marketplace, they are not ready yet to give any clue about this G37. The spokesman of Infiniti implied that G37 will not be advertised any more. However, he gave a clue that this G37 will be more affordable and can be an alternative for Q50. The launching of Q50 seems to attract public’s attention with its impressive performance. Many people believe that Q50 rules the other series. But, the Infiniti announced that the G series will remain on sale.

2015 Infiniti G37 new concept pictures

2015 Infiniti G37 New Features

The 2015 Infiniti G37 sedan is predicted to place the low end of luxury car. The affordable price makes this vehicle worth the wait. The 2015 Infiniti G37 will come in two versions, covering the G37 Sedan Journey and the G37 Sedan AWD. Both sedans are designed to be a nice alternative to the Infiniti Q50. Even though some rumors stated that the G37 will come along with Q50, the fact tells the truth. Infiniti launched Q50 earlier than the G37 series. It might be a strategy brought by Infiniti. They might want public to wait for their upcoming G37.

As the company and automaker decided not to give any advertisement and clue about G37, it is quite hard to figure out the designs as well as the interior and exterior of upcoming G37. The features of 2015 Infiniti G37 are left to be mysterious. However, some rumors say that 2015 Infiniti G37 will be powered by 3.7 Liter V6 with 328 horse power. However, it can be more interesting to wait for the time of G37 to be launched to the marketplace. Let’s say that the company wants to tell us that the G37 remains exist in automobile world.

2015 Infiniti G37 sedan exterior pictures

Well, when the designs, exterior and interior of Infiniti G37 are unpredictable, let’s talk about the price. As the upcoming G37 will come in two versions, Infiniti will sell them in different price. For the G37 Sedan Journey with rear wheel drive, it will be sold at $32,550. Meanwhile, the G37 Sedan AWD will be priced at $34,150. This price is quite affordable if it is compared to the Q50 which is priced at $43,950 with the same engine model. If you wish to have this 2015 Infiniti G37 sedan, you have to be patient to wait until the mid-2015.

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New 2015 Infiniti G37 Release Concept
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