2015 Koenigsegg One:1 Specs Concept

2015 koenigsegg one has a new and unique solution to improve track performance without sacrificing speed or everyday use, with a visually stunning performance to go with it. According to some previous information, this limited production car only six pieces, all of which are already pre-sold.

2015 koenigsegg one to one

2015 koenigsegg one Spec
2015 koenigsegg one has a maximum speed of 386 km / h popular McLaren seem unreachable, and then came the Veyron W16 engine with a larger and more easily reach 408 km / h, and then 431 km / h with the Super Sport version. However, the dominance could soon reach the end of the Veyron, a car that could not stop the kingdom unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this year. Swedish brand Koenigsegg cars are well known high performance supercar, but Model One: 1 step forward. This car is growing even 1,340 hp engine is not quite as large ( at least in supercar standards ) 5.0L V8 , and was given the name because of the weight that is identical to the engine power – 1,340 k .It is interesting for this car 1 0-400 km / h should be accelerated for about 20 seconds . This car will get an earlier announcement, and the wheels are made of carbon fiber, restyled front end with a more aggressive spoiler, carbon fiber roof and air hole, redesigned rear spoiler, a new rear diffuser, as well as minor changes to the interior.

2015 koenigsegg one Concept
2015 koenigsegg one in the interior has relatively been less modified. Extensive uses of weight-saving materials along with the elimination of unnecessary luxuries have contributed to the curb weight lower. Bathed in a dark carbon fiber and Alcantara interior is highlighted by orange climbing this car gives the appearance of a hidden purpose built recognized that much more insane than the exterior .The car ‘s designers have left no stone unturned to make the aerodynamics . The result is a hypercar that looks more like a track – only rig. To optimize cooling, this car has two large intercooler intakes on the side along with a variety of gills and radiator. Also present is the rear wing huge dynamic to provide the best combination of down force, drag and braking. The only thing that is extreme in this case just looks and aerodynamics is probably the Pagani Zonda R, but do not forget that it is not even legal to drive on public roads .Equipped with carbon fiber, Gill, director of the air flow, mirrors, rear wing, vertical stabilizer and air scoops add to the performance and appearance of the malignant car, so it cannot really be mistaken for a standard Agera. Other options include full – body nude carbon , custom body lines , exhaust outlets and titanium brake calipers painted if it still does not feel special enough for you .

2015 koenigsegg one Release date
2015 Koenigsegg one will be release may be in early 2015. We just wait this popular car. Because this is a spectacular car.

2015 koenigsegg one wallpaper

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New 2015 Koenigsegg One:1 Specs Concept
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