2015 Land Rover Defender Concept : New Powerfull SUV

One of best future cars that you must choose is 2015 land rover defender. This SUV is suitable for all of you who like to travel to all places and pass all types or roads. When you drive this car, you never need to feel bad because you can go to all places in very easy way. This new 2015 Land Rover Defender car will become the best off road cars for all people in the world.

2015 land rover defender new concept pictures

2015 Land Rover Defender Specification and Design

2015 land rover defender will be made with new design and the design will be modified from the Evoque’s body. In the exterior we can see Sportier body and most people say that the design will be like Range Rover Sport or LR4. When you want to buy car, you really need to know about the car engine system first. This 2015 Land Rover Defender will be supported with 5.0L with V8 engine system. In some source we know that this car will be planned to have diesel engines too. By using this engine system, it is so simple for you to pass all types of roads and save the fuel too.

2015 land rover defender off road pictures

Price and Competitor of 2015 Land Rover Defender

It is good for you to know about this car competitor. The competitors for this car are Jeep Wrangler and also Toyota EJ cruiser. You can compare this car with some competitors and then you can see the real performance of this car. How much money that you need to buy this car? This car will be sold start from $40,000. This car will come in the early 2015 so you must be patient to wait this car. For all of you who are interested to buy 2015 land rover defender you can find the detail information in some sites now.

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New 2015 Land Rover Defender Concept : New Powerfull SUV
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