2015 Lincoln Navigator Reveal : Dash but Similar Options

2015 Lincoln Navigator is the new product from Lincoln which is still quite attractive with its strengths. Well, it is the masculine, large and rectangular shape of full size SUV. Its feeling of NAVI is still strong and just like the other masculine car, this is the based SUV car which you can take all your family inside and take a ride. This is the car with the big proportion which is suitable for the big family.

2015 lincoln navigator new exterior design images

2015 Lincoln Navigator New Features

2015 Lincoln Navigator gives the new look for this new series, from the LED headlights and this is wrapped with the stunning LED taillights. But, you may find the similarity from this with the look of 2014 Dodge Durango. This is why the Lincoln is the new series but many said that this new SUV offers the same options for the customers. It is might be a new creation, but some parts seem familiar and similar with other previous cars.

2015 Lincoln Navigator is still great on fixing the previous lacks by giving the better fits, finishes and trimmings. 2015 Lincoln Navigator interior has the pride on installing the Ziricote wood trim which led this new series as the industry-first use of the wood. It is equipped with the newest version of MyLincoln Touch with SYNC along with the reverse camera and a blind spot monitoring system.

Unfortunately with the familiarities and similarities from this 2015 Lincoln Navigator, it will give the strength for the competitors like Range Rover, then Infiniti QX80, Mercedes Benz GL and of course the 2015 Cadillac Escalade. This is dangerous if this new SUV cannot fight in the market place because if this. If this new series cannot give the whole new version like 2015 Cadillac Escalade, then the customers’ ratings about this new car will not as good as the expectation.

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New 2015 Lincoln Navigator Reveal : Dash but Similar Options
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