2015 McLaren MP4-12C Concept Specs

2015 McLaren MP4-12C is the car that will come with a new design. This car is a limited edition including a car. This car comes with improved performance and revised styling inside and out. This car will be available in the United States market. This car will be the other car competitors. It would be very interesting if you see this car.

mclaren mp4-12c specs 2015

2015 McLaren MP4-12C Concept

2015 McLaren MP4-12C will comes with an interior that has three unique colors offered: Carbon Black, Supernova Silver and striking McLaren Orange. For those who choose black or silver, the model will offer only two exterior revisions. Designed by McLaren Special Operations, a new bumper increases downforce. The result was 50 12C and 12C Spider 50 will stick to the road better than the standard model, especially under hard turning. While many of these are color coded bumpers, parts are carbon fiber, which reduces weight. But the new bumper is not the only performance upgrade. Both models also come standard with optional ceramic brakes. Although ceramic brakes do not offer the stopping distance is greatly increased over traditional steel brakes, they are very resistant to fade. That means drivers do not have to worry about changing the brake pads when they are on the track. The new car also boasts of some of the important interior. That is, the car has the optional full leather upholstery brand.

2015 McLaren MP4-12C right side

2015 McLaren MP4-12C Specs

2015 McLaren MP4-12C is a new car that will come with RWD V8 engine 3.8TC. dearbox 7 AM,power This car is equipped with a torque 616. 601, 11.7 fue economy. 0-100 kph (sec) is 3.3. The car’s top speed is 333 This car has a fairly sophisticated machines in its class.

2015 McLaren MP4-12C Release date

2015 McLaren MP4-12C is a car that will be released in the United States market. This car will be faster which may be present at the end of this year. We just wait a little bit about the release of this car.

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New 2015 McLaren MP4-12C Concept Specs
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