2015 Mini Cooper Release Concept

Spotted, the Uncovered 2015 Mini Cooper. Not so long ago, 2015 mini cooper has been spotted while being driven in a certain test officially done by the manufacturer. This appearance was not only great now all of us know that this New Mini Cooper is still on its testing process that will surely be available sometime later when all tests are done and the production process is finished. Instead, this appearance actually also told us about the look of this future car since it was no longer covered on the test. From it, it is so clear that Mini still bring the famous line of future series 2015 Mini Cooper.

2015 mini cooper new concept pictures

What to Expect in This Future 2015 Mini Cooper

A talk about 2015 mini cooper is actually still very premature right now. Moreover, the only information known about this car can be gathered from the uncovered appearance of it. Even so, some predictions about the car specifications are already available right now. Of course, the prediction is related to things to expect from this future car. The most talk prediction about it is no other else about the engine that is mentioned to be something new. For this car series, the engine that is possibly used is a turbo engine with 2.0L capacity and also 3-cyl. This is the type of engine that can create at least 189 top horsepower.

2015 mini cooper exterior front angle pictures

2015 Mini Cooper Release Date

Until now, it is still not know about when this new car will be released. It may be something related to the fact that the recent focus is given to the 2014 series of the car instead of the 2015 one. As prediction, it is quite possible for the car to be introduced in 2014 and it will be launched for the first time in the end of 2014 or at the beginning of 2015. The release date can possibly be something not so far away from that launching of 2015 Mini Cooper.

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New 2015 Mini Cooper Release Concept
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