2015 Mitsubishi Evo Concept Redesign

Recently, really good news about a future car, 2015 mitsubishi evo, has been announced to public. The news is related to the calculation of power that can be created by this car, which is actually also known quite well as the 2015 series of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. It is quite surprising that this car is mentioned to have the ability to create about 500 horsepower. This is definitely the one that cannot be separated from the type of engine that is used to adorn this future car of 2015 Mitsubishi Evo Concept.

2015 mitsubishi evo exterior white color pictures

Engine That Delivers about 500 Horsepower

Talking about the engine of this 2015 mitsubishi evo, it is too bad that there is no confirmation made about that yet. Even so, from the fact that the engine is mentioned to have the ability to create such a high level of power, it is so possible for the engine to be something like turbocharged engine that is completed with 4-cyl engine. Even if it is so, it does not close any possibility for diesel engine to be available as an option too. One thing that is found to be quite interesting about the engine that is about to be installed in this car is that there is another possibility for electric engine to be included too.

2015 mitsubishi evo new design pictures

A Proper Rival to Nissan GT-R

The ability of this car to create up to 500 horsepower is not only the one that leads a talk about what type of engine that can possibly be used to adorn the car. It is also the one that makes the car to be perfectly considered as rival for some cars. The one that is mentioned more is no other else but the GT-R series of Nissan that also has the quite same ability to create the quite same level of horsepower with 2015 mitsubishi evo.

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New 2015 Mitsubishi Evo Concept Redesign
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