2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Concept Release

Right now, it is definitely too early for all of us to talk about the 2015 mitsubishi lancer series. Moreover, there is not mush information known about this car yet right now. Even so, some early information about it is already spread and it may be the one that we can count on to as clue about this future car. If you want to know about that, here is some early information that you have to know about the 2015 mitsubishi lancer.

2015 mitsubishi lancer new concepts pictures

2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Engine

The first information known about 2015 mitsubishi lancer is no other else but about the engine that will support the performance of this future car. Unlike the previous series, this car will be available with a rather new engine option which is the hybrid PHEV engine. This engine contains of the combination between two electric motors and also gasoline engine. The fuel economy that this car has because of this engine combination may not be that best. Even so it is still in the category of average one. This can be a thing to consider from this car of course. Besides this hybrid engine, there are still some other options of engine that is provided for those who are not really interested in using a vehicle with hybrid engine.

2015 mitsubishi lancer exterior right side pictures

The release date of this Mitsubishi is still unknown until now. Although it is so, it is predicted that this car will be released to public sometime in the year of 2014. It means that it is about a year from now. In the meant time, of course there will be more and more detail information shared about the car. Moreover, it is already scheduled that this 2015 mitsubishi lancer will be premiered for the first time sometime in summer 2014.

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New 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Concept Release
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