2015 Nissan Frontier Review, Redesign, Changes

The new 2015 design of Nissan Frontier has been released. The chassis of 2015 Nissan frontier is RWD and Unibody. Moreover the chassis shared all along using ensuing xterra and the successor of Infinity qx56. The next gen Nissan frontier would has Rear Wheel Drive or AWD configuration with V6 engine 3.5 liter. Then there would be two types of transmission, six speeds manual or six speed automatic transmissions. The body itself is aluminum so that though it is very big, it has normal weight. As the chassis, the strength steel is chosen as the main material for 2015 Nissan Frontier.

2015 nissan frontier exterior new deisgn pictures

2015 Nissan Frontier Engines

The 2015 Nissan Frontier would be released with two engine system, standard and hybrid. The hybrid engine system would have a single electrical motor with 45 kW or equal 60 horsepower that can produce 220 ft lbs torques. The motor is powered by lithium ion battery with 25 kW capacities. The battery itself can push the car for 30 miles with 2 hours charging time.

2015 nissan frontier engine pictures

The 2015 Nissan Frontier hybrid version would use 2.5 engine with inline 4. In addition the hybrid type is embedded with CVT transmission. With that power, Nissan Frontier is a best option for pickup car. This can be used also as family car. The car is good for family usage, your hobby, or for your business since it has wider cargo and also big cargo. Inside the car you can find furious audio system, leather upholstery, heated front seats, internet radio, garage door opener, and some other features that are very useful and luxurious.

Nissan hasn’t released The 2015 Nissan Frontier price information. However the estimation of its price perhaps will be close with the previous flagship. Nissan maybe would release this car in the late 2014 or early 2015.

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New 2015 Nissan Frontier Review, Redesign, Changes
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