2015 Nissan Z Release Date

In 2014, Nissan plans to launch a new sporty vehicle namely 2015 Nissan Z. Basically, this prototype looks almost similar to the predecessor. However, if we explore it much deeper, there are many improvements gained by the new generation of Nissan Z released in 2014.

2015 nissan z nismo

2015 Nissan Z Specs
The latest generation of Nissan Z comes in a stylish body design. Honestly, it still uses the same body platform like the predecessor. Even though using the same body platform, the new Nissan Z appears better than the previous series. The exterior of this car is now improved. Some exterior features added to replace the old features which no longer support the performance and concept of the new Nissan Z. Further, 2015 Nissan Z also comes in lighter body. It is because the manufacturer focuses on using aluminum and carbon fiber than the metal alloy like the one they use to develop the old series of Nissan Z car. Now, this car gains only 3,283lbs. Moreover, this car also gets few inches shorter than the previous model. The shorter body leads this car to employ 100-inch wheelbase. Speaking any further of Nissan Z 2015, this car gets adorable interior. We can say that the interior is something which makes this car worth purchasing instead of the exterior and the power-train. The new Nissan Z released in 2014 comes in luxurious interior. The interior is made of high quality hard plastic in more modern design and style. Furthermore, the new Nissan Z now gains premium seats wrapped by using premium leather combined with premium fabric. There are some new features which also make the interior much more impressive than before. They are new navigation system, new premium stereo system, CD player which can accommodate 6 discs at once, Bluetooth connectivity, and advanced cruise control. Despite the fact that 2015 Nissan Z gets improved exterior and interior along with new concept, this car now employs improved specifications as well. Nissan Z is reported of running a 3.7-liter V-6 engine. This engine can generate 332 horsepower and 270lb-ft of torque. Besides, this engine is also fuel economical. It can reach 18 miles per gallon in the city and 25 miles per gallon on the highway. In fact, the collaboration between the engine and either 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission or 6-speed manual gearbox may lead this car to reach 60mph within 5.1 seconds only.

2015 nissan z release date

2015 Nissan Z Price
Nissan Z 2015 is a perfect car which can accommodate 5 people at once. This car does not only powerful but it also gets smooth suspension which makes this car worth riding. Some new safety features are also employed to support the security of driving, such as new ABS, electronic stability control, refined airbags, electronic brakes, and differential lock. Even though this car employing dual-exhaust pipe has not been released yet, but some sources predict that the new 2015 Nissan Z will be offered starting from $30,000-$35,000.

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New 2015 Nissan Z Release Date
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