2015 Pagani Zonda R Concept Release Date

2015 Pagani Zonda R is a car that comes with new engineering solutions tailored to meet the requirements of high performance track day vehicle. A central carbon-titanium monocoque composite, enhanced rigidity while significantly lose weight.

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2015 Pagani Zonda R Concept

2015 Pagani Zonda R is fully adjustable to provide the individual driver the right setup for individual taste. There is also fresh shade that complements the performance of the back. The design is derived from the model Energy, together with a closed bottom and rear diffuser help. Adapt aero configuration can be set for maximum downforce 1.500kg and speed ceiling-reduction measures including weight 350kmh Aspa forged suspension components plus avional ErgAl machine structural parts to hold the engine and gearbox, and the whole car PoggipoliniTitanium screwed by screws. The result is a dry weight of 1.070kg for the Zonda R. At the inside of the cabin design has the driver in mind where control is limited to a mirror finish while the importance of high quality standards Pagani. The interior is equipped with adjustable sports Toora seats are FIA approved HANS and meet current standards, five-point safety harness and a roll-cage of CrMo.

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2015 Pagani Zonda R Specs

2015 Pagani Zonda R is equipped with a Mercedes-Benz AMG 6.0-liter V12 racing bolted directly to the chassis and produces 750 hp and 710 Nm of torque. Instantaneous throttle response is achieved through direct throttle actuation using a mechanical cable. Through paddle shift steering wheel-mounted, the driver can shift gears at speeds of 20 milliseconds is made possible through the dog ring gearbox incased in Xtrac Magnesium and paired with Automac AMT system. The driver can also adjust the settings actually this car while driving through a 12-way Bosch Motorsport traction control and ABS systems. This car will offer users the level of performance on the track is just incredible; the acceleration rate of less than 2.7 seconds from 0-60mph possible with a power-weight ratio of 701hp per tonne. Quick braking power comes from Brembo carbon ceramic brakes reliable.

2015 Pagani Zonda R Release date

2015 Pagani Zonda R will be available in the United States market in early 2015, this car will be a contender for another car. We just hope that this car will be sold in the market.

New 2015 Pagani Zonda R Concept Release Date
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