2015 Plymouth GTX Concept Release Date

2015 Plymouth GTX is a new car that comes with excellent design. This car comes with mid-size body style offerings Mopar one example is the Mist Turquoise color. This is will be a popular car in the future. Because the technology is owned by a very good car.

1967 plymouth gtx gas cap trim ring

2015 Plymouth GTX Concept

2015 Plymouth GTX will be present with a Mid-size. This is the best around the world. This car also comes lighter. This car will also come with a powerful engine, and this will make it more comfortable driving. This car is also created with a strong design. Sharing the same chassis and leather, this car is a carefree, bare bones hot rod version meant only for fun. This car comes with a 440 cubic inch displacement, hot camshaft, high-flow cylinder heads and a 4-barrel carburetion, all the way to the fat tires, bulging hood and a heavy-duty undercarriage.

2015 Plymouth GTX Specs

2015 Plymouth GTX is available with a choice of engines (225 cube / 145 hp slant-six) to the wild (OMG cube 426/425 hp Hemi Road!)… And 3 and 4-speed manual light, plus the venerable Chrysler automatic TorqueFlyte. There is a laundry list of display options, comfort and safety from which to choose in addition to more than adequate standard features. It is a good engine for the car.

2015 Plymouth GTX Release date

2015 Plymouth GTX will be present in the United States market in a few months. This car will be possible by the end of this year. We can only wait a moment longer. We also hope that this car will be popular and in demand in the market.

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New 2015 Plymouth GTX Concept Release Date
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