2015 Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird Concept

2015 Plymouth Roadrunner is a new car that will be present with a good design compared to the previous version of the car. This car will hit the market in 2015 It will be a competitor of other cars.

plymouth roadrunner superbird

2015 Plymouth Roadrunner Concept

2015 Plymouth Roadrunner is a car that comes with includes a modified interior with new seat covers, door trim, headliner and rear quarter trim while maintaining the dashboard console. With Challenger and more stylish design of this car will attract a lot of attention.
Some of the conceptual design for a modern replacement for 1971-1975 Plymouth Road Runner is based on today’s Dodge Challenger. This concept was written by Michael Leonhard .Leonhard got in contact with Carscoop to inform us that he has put the design up for auction on eBay with a view to building a model of a one-off that if all goes well, will be displayed and sent to the owner in the Los Angeles Auto Show next year.

2015 Plymouth Roadrunner Specs

2015 Plymouth Roadrunner will get a turbocharged version of the 6.1-liter HEMI V8 engine with 620hp SRT8 and 650 lb-ft of torque to the estimated time of around 3.8 seconds 0-60mph and a quarter mile run in 11.9 seconds. This is a good engine for the car. We just hope that this car will be comfortable to drive.

2015 Plymouth Roadrunner Release date

2015 Plymouth Roadrunner will be present in the market next year. But there has been no official confirmation from the company exactly when this car will be released. This car will be car competitors in its class. This car will also be popular and in demand in the market we can only expect it.

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New 2015 Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird Concept
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