2015 Proton Exora Concept Release Date

2015 Proton Exora is a new car that will be present in the market with good design and powerful performance. This car will have a safety system in it. This car will also have some entertainment features that will make you comfortable when they’re on the car.

2015 Proton Exora white color

2015 Proton Exora Concept

2015 Proton Exora has a van-like body design with four conventional doors instead of sliding doors seen on some models. Compared with the Honda Odyssey that is slightly wider and taller, although it is 20 cm shorter than the offerings Honda. Interior bit utilitarian, with hard plastic and consistent panel gaps that lead to the cars built for the price. But potential customers are likely to pursue value than quality, wooed by the drive-away price along with Proton promises a five year warranty, free servicing and roadside parking help.Company has worked to meet the second and third row occupants with eight air vents throughout the cabin, and screen roof-mounted DVD Monitor is standard on both models. It offers a good package of standard gear, including remote locking, power windows and mirrors and a sound and good temperature control system. The only major compromise is in front of the safety. While stability control and four airbags for front seat passengers to see this car get a four star ANCAP safety score, lack of coverage for the five water-bags rear seat is hard to ignore.this is a good design.

2015 Proton Exora Specs

2015 Proton Exora has the same engine and transmission, 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine coupled with a CVT automatic unit that drives the front wheels. It feels like it is working harder than it should have, as the slow response of the other and under the bonnet-drone and whine is not present in the more refined rival. This car is pretty good ride on the imperfection, and while it is a little on the bumpy side is less than perfect the way it is generally well behaved.this is a good machine from this car.

2015 Proton Exora Release date

2015 Proton Exora will present perhaps as early as 2015 or may be present more rapidly at the end of this year. Hopefully this car will be sold in the market and become popular.

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New 2015 Proton Exora Concept Release Date
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