2015 Toyota Supra Concept Release Date

Toyota Motor Corporation is a large company that has many car manufactures. Issues that will be outstanding are the release 2015 Toyota supra. Supra car sports car that has a luxurious design. Presented a variety of colors can be made as an option. For you lovers of sports cars are a waiting car with interior and exterior design is equipped with sophisticated technology to make this car a classy and elegant. This 2015 Toyota Supra will be launched in 2015 so for those that are interested in the car you have to be patient to wait.

2015 toyota supra white color images

2015 Toyota Supra has a design and a better quality than the previous generation. Its slim facilitates the speeding car. Charming design became one of the advantages of this car. Presented a full-featured no less with its competitors, so many car enthusiasts are willing to wait for the presence of the car. Having a design model so that the front of the car swooping is different from the previous generation.

2015 Toyota Supra Engine

2015 Toyota Supra specs was produced by the Japanese company. Car is a sports car which has a concept sports 2015 Toyota Supra with a V6 Hybrid the hybrid motor, similar to the concept FT – HS. At least you will get 400 HP and has a top speed of over 170 mph. With this technology, the car is a car with high performance. Wheels are used also have a Concept wheel drive power train with a 3.5-liter producing and configured with a V-6 hybrid. This machine has advantages to drive the rear wheels and the front by using electric motors on the wheels.

2015 Toyota Supra Price

The design is luxurious and equipped with sophisticated technology to make this car is undoubtedly the sophistication and brilliance, so sophisticated that you have to spend a considerable cost to buy this car. This car has a price of about $ 60,000 a reasonable price considering the technology contained in the 2015 Toyota Supra.

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New 2015 Toyota Supra Concept Release Date
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