2016 Audi s4 Concept Sedan

2016 audi s4 will become next generation of 2015 Audi S4. There are so many people who are waiting for this car. When we talk about new Audi S4, all people will try to compare this new car with the previous car. Audi must give new touch and some changes in the new car. That is why Audi offers new version of Audi S4. As we know Audi S4 is best sedan class for all people. This Audi S4 will not only come with sedan class only but you can also find A4 Allroad and also Avant Wagon class. Two different models of Audi S4 will come later after Sedan Audi S4 is released to the market. For all of you who want to buy new Audi S4, it is important for you to check detail information about this car here.

2016 audi s4 new concept

Exterior and Interior of 2016 audi s4
2016 audi s4 is made with better exterior and interior design. This car will be made with better MLB platform and it will be callsed as MLB Evo. This car will use high quality of aluminum and also ultra high strength of steel. That is why the new Audi S4 will come lighter than previous car. When we check the exterior of this car we will find new grille design with angular LED headlight. How about interior of this car? You will feel better when you are inside this car because this car will be completed with better infotainment system, head up display and some safety features. You don’t need to worry because this car will make you feel comfortable when you drive to all places that you want.

2016 audi s4 future cars

Engine System of 2016 audi s4
How about drivetrain of this car? There are some engine systems that offered to you in new Audi S4 such as 3.0L with TSI engine system and 2.0 L with TSI for all of you who are living in US or buying this car in US. For all of you who are living in Europe, you will find this car with 1.4L , 1.8L, and also 2.0 L with TFSI engine system. You can also find 2.0L TSi with 4-cylinder engine system as the other choice of engine system. This engine system offers you fuel economy system so you can go to all places without need to waste your fuel. There are some transmission too that offered to you such as six-speed manual, seven-speed dual clutch transmission and nine speed automatic transmission too. New 2016 Audi S4 will be made with better hybrid model too. You can find all-wheel drive system as the drive system option.

2016 audi s4 interior dashboard

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New 2016 Audi s4 Concept Sedan
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