2016 BMW 7 series Rendering Release Date

2016 bmw 7 series is next generation of BMW 7 series. This car is made very special and we have already known the prototype of this car in some sites. There are some changes that are done in this car and all changes are made in order to make all people feel happy with new generation of BMW. This new BMW is made in sleeker design and there is attractive roofline and C-pillar. We should not only see this car only from the exterior and interior but it is so important to see the performance, engine system and fuel economy system of this car. You who want to know more about this car can find information about this car here.

2016 bmw 7 series launch spy photos

2016 bmw 7 series Rendering
2016 bmw 7 series will be made with rear-wheel drive system. This car is made with high strength of steel, aluminum and also carbon fiber. BMW said that this car will be made 500 pounds less than the previous car. It means this car will have better performance and better speed than the current car. This car is made with flexible architecture and four-wheel steering too. How about powertrain of this car? According to some sources we know that this car will be made with four-cylinder and turbocharged engine system. People predict that this car will use V8 engine system or V12 engine system. Hybrid variant is prepared too for this car. BMW guarantees that the new BMW 7 series will make all people feel so happy and they can bring this car to all places in very easy way.

2016 bmw 7 series changes spy photos

2016 bmw 7 series Competitors and Release Date
When we talk about performance of certain car, we also need to know the competitors of this car. There are some cars with best performance too such as Audi A8, Jaguar XJ, Mercedes Benz S Class, Volkswagen Phaeton and also Lexus LS. You can compare this car with some other cars above to know which one that is better for you. For all of you who want to buy this car, you better attend Framkfurt Auto Show in the fall of next year. This car is scheduled to be sold in early 2016. You must be patient in waiting for this car. You can find detail information of this car first before finally you choose to buy this car. How much money that you need to buy this 2016 bmw 7 series? You must pay at least $80,000 to get this car.

New 2016 BMW 7 series Rendering Release Date
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