2016 BMW X6 New Concept Release

2016 BMW X6 is the latest sporty crossover produced by BMW. This sporty sedan is the third generation of X6 crossovers which have been in the market place since several years ago. Unlike the predecessor, the new X6 comes in different design and concept.

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2016 BMW X6 Concept

The all new BMW X6 comes in a new concept which is not too far from the concept used by the predecessor. BMW X6 for 2015-2016 carries high performance sporty crossover concept. This concept leads this crossover to change the exterior design and the engine options. The whole body platform of the new X6 still uses the standard platform. However, there are some improvements which make this car lighter and more aerodynamics. The new BMW X6 crossover gets reconfigured chassis which allows this sporty car to have longer wheelbase. Furthermore, the changes and improvements given to the exterior, for example new designed headlights, lifted front fascia, and new tailgate also make this car look more aggressive. Not to mention, 2016 BMW X6 still involves the shark nose as the main signature like what is found in the 2015 X6 model. Speaking any further, the new X6 crossover gets upgraded interior. The cabin is considered more spacious and comfortable. Monochromatic black color scheme still becomes the best option chosen by the producer to strengthen the sporty crossover concept carried by X6. Actually, this 4-wheel drive crossover can accommodate 4 up to 5 people at once. With more details, this crossover also features such high technology components, such as dash-mounted LCD, GPS, CD/Mp3 player, speakers, keyless smart access, cruise control, and more.

2016 BMW X6 new concept model pictures

2016 BMW X6 Release Date and Price

For your further information, the new BMW X6 sporty crossovers will employ 3 different engine options supported by 8-speed automatic transmission. First of all, this sporty crossover will be running a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged 6-cylinder diesel engine which can develop 380 horsepower and 600Nm. The next engine which is expected to be running in this car is 4.4-liter V8 petrol engine. This engine can develop 445hp and 680Nm. Another engine option running in the new BMW X6 is a plug-in hybrid engine. This hybrid engine involves balanced combination of 3.0-liter 6-cylinder petrol engine with a powerful electric motor. Instead of having three different engine options, this sporty crossover also can develop great acceleration. It can reach 100km just within 6.5 seconds. As a matter of fact, the new BMW X6 crossovers is expected to be released officially in the beginning of 2016. The prices offered to 2016 BMW X6 will start from $65,700.

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New 2016 BMW X6 New Concept Release
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