2016 Buick GNX Concept

2016 Buick GNX is an interesting and valuable car. It starts from the slim and stylish design is applied to the exterior, luxurious and high-tech values are applied to the interior design, as well as a fairly strong performance generated from the engine is applied to it. Here is some basic information about the car that you need to know, especially if you are a person who prefers to ride a vehicle with style and performance at the same time.

2016 Buick GNX concept pictures

2016 Buick GNX Concept
First of all, let’s talk about the 2016 Buick GNX design, which is actually the first thing that will always attract people’s attention. The car’s exterior is decorated with a design that is really stylish. When viewed from the front view, this car has headlights rather small even if it still fits perfectly with the overall style. The front grille also looks kind of cool because the application is quite large circular Buick badge on it. While the interior, besides the fact that it is better, or even premium quality materials used in there, in fact there is something better for us all know. It is an advanced technology, including; touch screen phone and also in the car, can be found more convenient for the driver and passengers. All of the things that will definitely bring the Buick to the next level, right?

2016 Buick GNX Spec
Another thing you may not forget about this car its performance. Machines used in the 2016 Buick GNX actually available in several options. The first is a turbocharged engine with a 2.0L capacity and the ability to create up to 271 horsepower. The other is a 3.6L V6 engine with the capacity and capability to make up to 321 horsepower. In addition to all these machines, there are rumors that the engine is actually better and more powerful will also be available for the car, which is a V6 3.6L engine that has the ability to develop better power with up to 400 horsepower calculation. If the machine is actually available later, so sure that this car is expected to be available next year, will gain popularity even better this year.

2016 Buick GNX Release date
Possible 2016 Buick GNX will release at the end of 2015. Or maybe be present in early 2016.

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New 2016 Buick GNX Concept
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