2016 Chevrolet Trailblazer Concept and Release Date

2016 chevrolet trailblazer is new mid-size truck that from Chevrolet that will be offered to you. This car is called as best car and according to some sources, there are so many people who have already booked this car because they really want to have this car. The demand of the previous version of this car in US, Thailand and Philippines is very high. That is why Chevrolet really wants to offer new version of Chevrolet Trailblazer to fulfill people’s demand. Before you order for this car too, you better know about concept of this car.

2016 chevrolet trailblazer new concept

2016 chevrolet trailblazer Concept
There are so many people predict that 2016 chevrolet trailblazer will use 6.0L with V8 engine system. This engine system will be able to produce at least 345 HP. It is great power for pickup truck class and all people will really love to drive with this car to all places that they want. When we compare with some other pickup trucks, we will find that this pickup truck is better in engine system. Although we have already found some information about this car in some sources but we still don’t know whether this car will be produced in Thailand or in US. There is no clear information yet about the place to produce this car. This car will be completed with seven seats and you can choose petrol or diesel engine for this car. You can find four-wheel drive system and back wheel drive configurations in this car. This car is not only known as best pickup truck but this car will become best SUV utility and also best Crossover.

2016 chevrolet trailblazer interior

2016 chevrolet trailblazer Release Date
For all of you who are interested in buying this car will really want to know when this car will be sold in market. You must be patient because this car will not be released until next year. It means you must need to wait at least one more years to see this car in the market. You still can compare this car with some other future cars that offered to you such as from Audi, Toyota, Honda and some other auto manufactures. How about price of this car? Price will depend on some factors such as materials that are used in the car and location of production. The place to produce this car will influence the price of this car. As it is said above, there are two possibilities of place to produce this car. That is why there is no clear information about price of 2016 chevrolet trailblazer.

2016 chevrolet trailblazer new design

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New 2016 Chevrolet Trailblazer Concept and Release Date
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