2016 Citroen Picasso Concept

2016 Citroen Picasso is a family car that is highly dancing and unique, slim design will come in the family car, we can expect more this car will come with some super technology. this will make your driving comfort when with family. This is some of the advantages possessed by car this future.

2016 Citroen Picasso highway pictures

2016 Citroen Picasso Concept

2016 Citroen Picasso Concept will come with a very powerful performance. You will feel enjoy when driving with car this future. This car will come with a 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine that produces 121kW (at 6000rpm) and 240nm (between 1400-4000rpm) – Grand Picasso uses a 2.0-liter diesel unit. Fuel requirements, together with most of the European model, is a premium (95RON or higher) unleaded. This machine was developed as part of the BMW / PSA joint partnership and has won Machines Year eight times in a row (2006-2014).Engine to produce power through new six-speed automatic transmission all (operated by a smooth rod sticking out at the back and the right steering wheel (and while we are on the subject, Citroen fixed hub steering wheel seems to have been relegated to history).this car reaches 100km / h in 9.3 seconds, although noticeably faster. Fuel consumption is 5.6L / 100km claim. Electric power steering has a feel pretty good and has a three-turn lock to lock. C4 ride very well, Citroen appeal long and steady on the road. Road noise is muffled with a very good. No doubt the result of 350 hours and 2500 hours of testing NVH testing machines. This will be future car that use less fuel, is very suitable you choose this car as a car the future of your family.

2016 Citroen Picasso Specs

It’s certainly accurate specifications will help you any advantages possessed by 2016 Citroen Picasso. This car will come with cabin that is spacious enough. This car will come with a five-seater and 172mm shorter than Grand Picasso, with wheelbase 24mm 55mm less and less high. This car will also come with more design Citroen Styling follow current trends and distinctive, to say the least. Built on a platform emp2, just cue frontal and large windshield divided by Picasso. Roof seems to float, like with DS stylish and C-pillar disguise. Most obvious element of design is a large curved windshield to the roof, and front side windows aquarium like. If you see inside, car is dominated by large, adjustable 12-inch top screen in the center of the dashboard. Below is another screen, 7-inch infotainment screen to control most of electronics in the cabin features. Front seat has a fold down armrests (a staple MPV) and large removable center console. There is also a handy 3-liter under floor storage doubles, plus usual array of holes, slots, cubbies and cup holders (a total of 16 separate storage compartments). Practical hatch like shape allows for a generous 537 liters of cargo space in the rear. Three separate rear seats sliding forward and this rose to 630; they fold flat cargo space and a total of 1,851 liters. This car will have that extra comfort when you drive with this car.

2016 Citroen Picasso Release date

2016 Citroen Picasso Release date of this family car will come probably at early 2016.This future car will be very good. We can only hope that car is will be in demand in market and be very popular.

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New 2016 Citroen Picasso Concept
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