2016 Dodge Barracuda New Muscle Car

2016 dodge barracuda is one of best future muscle cars. In this modern time, most people like to have muscle car because they will look stylish and sporty with their car. There are some auto manufactures that produce muscle cars. All people know that muscle car is not only sporty and stylish car but it is high performance car too. How about new Dodge Barracuda? New Dodge Barracuda is made with some changes. You must learn detail information about this muscle car first before you buy this car because there are some important changes that you will find in this car.

dodge barracuda concept 2016 green color

Design of 2016 dodge barracuda
2016 dodge barracuda is made sporty and comfortable for ride. When we compare with the previous car, we will find some interior upgrades. Some upgrades in the interior will make people feel comfortable when they drive this car to all places. This car is categorized as modern car with aerodynamic system. This car can perform well in all types of road. You will find new grille in this car because the old grille has been redesigned. We should not love certain car because of design or interior of this car only, we need to check the engine system of this car so we will know the performance of this car in the road.

dodge barracuda news 2016

Engine System of 2016 dodge barracuda
There are some powerful engine options for new Dodge Barracuda. This car will have three powertrains. You can choose one that is suitable with your need. First you can choose this car with 3.6L and direct injected Pentastar V6 engine system. Second, you can choose this car with 2.4L and inline –four force fed Tigershark. The last option is 6.2 L with Supercharged Hemi Engine system that will be able to produce at least 600 HP. All engine systems offer fuel economy system or better fuel consumption. This car also offers you better emission and you never need to worry because this car will be friendly to the environment. This car is completed with 8-speed transmission to give smooth riding experience for all people. There are some important things that you must know related with engine system before you buy this car. For you who are interested in buying this car, you must have money at least $55,000. You may pay higher price when you add some accessories for this car. You can buy 2016 dodge barracuda in early 2016 and it means you must be patient to wait this car comes to your country.

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New 2016 Dodge Barracuda New Muscle Car
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