2016 Dodge Dart Concept

Chrysler Group always improves vehicles with innovative design and engine. Now they decide to renew model of dodge dart. Recently we have heard issue about 2016 dodge dart that adopts design of previous model. Team of Chrysler has prepared anything to produce dodge dart in 2016. Until now they have successfully worked out 60 percent of this project.

2016 Dodge Dart exterior design pictures

2016 Dodge Dart Design
They have planned to produce dodge dart for five years. They assume that dodge dart 2016 will be finished in the end of 2016. 2016 dodge dart is created based on design of 2013 dodge dart. Thus, we can consider design of dodge dart in next version will be similar to 2013 dodge dart. 2013 dodge dart specs are quite good. It belongs to wonderful vehicle that has great performance and unique design. Aggressive front side tempts people to drive dodge dart. They are sure that it is eligible for long trip.

2016 Dodge Dart Specs
Specification of 2013 dodge dart includes cool exterior and interior design. It is equipped with manual transmission for 6 speeds. Turbocharged engine in 1.4 liters is applied on 2013 dodge dart. Based on specification and design of dodge dart in previous version, we can estimate design of 2016 dodge dart by looking at fascinating 2013 dodge dart design. Although dodge dart 2016 has similarity with 2013 dodge dart, performance of dodge dart 2016 must be more impressive.

2016 Dodge Dart highway pictures

2016 Dodge Dart Release Date
Luxurious 2016 dodge dart could be best vehicle that let you drive pleasantly. Just look for detail information about 2016 dodge dart, and you can see impressive design of the car. Besides, reading dodge dart 2013 review will lead you to know design and performance of dodge dart 2016.Update information about dodge dart frequently to know when newest dodge dart will be released. 2016 dodge dart will be released in the end of 2016.

2016 Dodge Dart Gallery

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New 2016 Dodge Dart Concept
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