2016 Dodge Journey : Good Car for Your Family

Detroit would be the witness of the next generation Journey from Dodge. Chrysler Group has been developing a plan to manufacture new redesigned Dodge journey. AutomotiveCompass gives information about the location where Dodge would manufacture the 2016 Dodge Journey. The Journey would be assembled at Chrysler’s plan of Sterling Heights Assembly. Thus, Journey and Chrysler 200 sedan would be assembled at the same place. The Dodge Journey Next Gen would be built under platform of CUSW. Though some part of the Dodge Journey has been assembled in Mexico, Dodge still considers United States as the promising market for the Dodge Journey. The next-generation of the Dodge Journey needs 8 years to redesign the new model. Besides considering about new design and updates, Dodge also face cost problem. Thus, Dodge need long time to redesign new Journey. To solve this problem, Dodge moves the production plant to Michigan.

2016 Dodge Journey red color pictures

2016 Dodge Journey Performance and Features

The Next Gen of 2016 Dodge Journey would use better engine that is pertinent and stunning. The engine can offer great speed in street but nit leaving refinement and quality of performance. The Journey would utilize Tigershark engine 2.4 liter. As for the transmission, 9-speed automatic would be a good support for acceleration just like Dodge Dart. Alternatively, other version of Journey would use V-6 engine 3.5 liter. However, the engine specification might resemble with other SUCW platform since it is the platform of the new Journey. Now, all Dodge fans can see the appearance of the new Dodge Journey. Besides new appearance, Journey also offers new car system. The system is developed under CUSW system that is the FIAT’s production division. Thus, the system of new Dodge Journey uses FIAT sleek system. This system is dedicated for small and mid-sized family automobile. However, since it is Italian car, there might be other features as the Italian flare pointers.

2016 Dodge Journey Price

The 2016 Dodge Journey is and compact sport utility vehicle. For those who need a ride for their family, this Dodge Journey might can accommodate you family needs. This car has good fuel economy score; 19 MPG for city and 26 MPG for highway. There is no official information related with the price of the next gen Dodge Journey. However, the base price might be around $ 20.000. Then, the most expensive trim price is around $ 30.000. What do you think about those prices? Well, by considering the features and the performance as mentioned before, it seems that the prices are quite worth it and reasonable.

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New 2016 Dodge Journey : Good Car for Your Family
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