2016 Ferrari 458 Will Come with Turbocharged Engine

2016 ferrari 458 is the next generation of ferrari super car that will come soon with many new updates. Having stunning look, lightweight and strong performance are the characteristics of ferrari which have been known for long time. Ferrari apparently keeps those characteristics exist in their new ferrari 458 with a new different addition, which is nothing else than a turbocharged engine equipped. The engine will increase the performance and speed for sure. If you are interested in this new car, read the review below and then grab the car fast because it will be sold out fast.

2016 ferrari 458 italia wallpaper

2016 ferrari 458 Replacement
2016 ferrari 458 get many updates, starting from its exterior to its performance. Its exterior gets a new unique wheels, front grille which is larger than its predecessor, and new body kit. Once we glance at this car, we automatically will know that the car offers luxury wrapped in a sport car. Not only that, the interior of ferrari 458 gets updated too. But ferrari seems more focus on its weight savings inside the car. Above it, the most amazing improvement is under its skin. The super car will have a new turbocharged engine. Before we talk about the 2016 version, let us take a look at the previous version. Ferrari, as we know, used the 4.5–liter V8 which can produce 596 hp. The performance has been upgraded from the standard, which is 458. Combining the weight saving and its extra power, the super car can run from 0-60 miles an hour in 3 seconds flat. It is so amazing, isn’t it? What can make you even more surprised is that in 2016, ferrari will develop the engine. A twin turbocharged V8 will be in the next generation to make the performance of the car even more amazing.

2016 ferrari 458 Release Date and Price
The previous generation of this ferrari 458 was released in summer this year and rumor has it that the 2016 ferrari 458 will be developed next year in 2015. Unfortunately the official price of the car has not been announced. But, the reviewers predicted that the car will be in the market with the price of $260,000 or more than that. This supercar seems has many competitors which will be in the market soon. There are Lamborghini Gallardo and McLaren MP. But for them who have been devoted to ferrari car, the coming of this new car will be very relieving and the other cars will not beat its enchantment.

2016 Ferrari 458 Wallpaper

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New 2016 Ferrari 458 Will Come with Turbocharged Engine
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