2016 Ferrari California Replacement

2016 Ferrari California Has Been Revealed : You must be glad to notice information about newest Ferrari that is supplied with innovative machine. 2016 Ferrari California is next generation sporty car that will make you feel satisfied to drive. Of course it will show splendid exterior design. Just wait for newest Ferrari California launching, and you will see clearly the great Ferrari car. We can guess performance and appearance of newest Ferrari California by looking at current Ferrari California. Surely next generation of Ferrari California still has a little similarity with previous version.

ferrari california 2016 new concept pictures

2016 Ferrari California 0-60
Most obvious thing that you can see from 2016 Ferrari California is its design. Certainly design of Ferrari California 2016 is more modern. Modern design of exterior and interior is inspired from design of Ferrari in previous model. Ferrari released recently has performance up to 500 horsepower. Speed of current Ferrari can be accelerated to 60 just in 4.0 seconds. In other words, speed of the car is able to reach 200 mph.

2016 Ferrari California Release Date
Actually design about 2016 Ferrari California has been spotted. Rear side of the car is modified in order to be more modern. Besides, exhaust outlets are changed thus it differs from common Ferrari in previous versions. Based on issue, it will be released in 2014. Its model seems like 2015 Ferrari California. Just keep updating information about Ferrari California 2016 thus you will notice specification and model of the car in detail.

2016 ferrari california interior dashboard pictures

2016 Ferrari California Engines
New engine will be applied on 2016 Ferrari California. Surely this engine has more fantastic performance than previous car. Current Ferrari is supported with engine turbo V8 with 4.0 liters. This engine is able to enhance 530 horsepower. Good brake system must be upgraded for next Ferrari California. On official sites of Ferrari often presents detail information dealing with 2016 Ferrari California review and review of other types of Ferrari.

2016 Ferrari California Gallery

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New 2016 Ferrari California Replacement
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