2016 Ferrari California T Design Information

2016 Ferrari California T is interesting not only because it is the newest car series about to be released sometime in the year of 2016 by the famous automaker. Instead, this also an interesting future car because of both design and performance it has. Moreover, these things are the ones considered as the most significant plus points which will make the car to be famous once it is released.

2016 Ferrari California T new concept

2016 Ferrari California T New Design
If seen from the design, of course 2016 Ferrari California T looks so fascinating with its convertible design. Until now the exterior color known to be available for this car is no other else but the bright red color which is in fact always found to be quite iconic for cars released by this famous automaker. In the exterior, it is seen quite clearly if the tail and nose of the car is updated. At the back, the car is decorated perfectly with the new exhaust system and also diffuser. Of course, when talking about the design of this new car like this, it is also interesting for us to talk about the interior which is in fact a makeover. If in the previous series the interior is decorated with 6.5 touchscreen display, it is hoped the screen will be wider in this new series for better functions and entertainment. The steering wheel is still decorated perfectly with the logo of Ferrari and also newly-designed house buttons. The buttons and knobs can be found in the dashboard of the car are also found to be refreshed. Besides, the interior design also looks so luxurious because of the use of high quality leather material which decorates the especially-designed car seat.

2016 Ferrari California T art

2016 Ferrari California T Specs
If by any chance you are not familiar with California T series, you have to know that this 2016 Ferrari California T convertible is made with 2-seater design. Unlike any 2-seater convertibles, this one is not only made to be full of luxury outside and inside, but also made with confortable interior. This is seen not only from the very comfortable seat designed especially for a sports car. Instead, this can also be seen from the fact that the interior of this car is made to be quite spacious. With all of these plus points, it cannot be denied if the car will not be affordable in price. One thing which is too bad is right now the official price of this has not yet been announced by the automaker.

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New 2016 Ferrari California T Design Information
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