2016 Ferrari Laferrari

2016 Ferrari LaFerrari, perhaps for the first time you hear the name of Ferrari LaFerrari, will laugh and think that this is a joke. But apparently, it is not the case that what Ferrari is doing. They are seriously working on this car. Even 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari sport car is the fastest car of the Ferrari ever made and produced. Yes, it is not only in the terms of speed, but also in terms of design and sophistication.

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2016 Ferrari Laferrari 0 – 60

With the strength of 660 ft in the torque and 953 bhp, 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari can reach the speed of 0.62 mph in a very fast time, just 2.9 seconds. Wow. The speed is fantastic, right? Even in 7 seconds, this car can reach 0-124 mph and within 15 seconds, this superfast car can reach 186 mph. This superfast car can reach speeds up to 217 mph as the top speed; the speed is amazing and will make its competitors eliminated.

2016 Ferrari Laferrari Interior

2016 Ferrari LaFerrari design is also very cool and sophisticated. This car is equipped with exotic interior design and exterior design that is captivating. For you as lover of sports cars do not miss this superfast car or you will regret it. This car is also equipped with internet on board entertainment such as, LED, Bluetooth, and more.

2016 ferrari laferrari interior dashboard pictures

2016 Ferrari Laferrari Powertrain

2016 Ferrari LaFerrari is superfast car. Therefore, this car can only ride by 2 people as with other sports cars that focus on the design of small and large magnitude. This 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari super fast car is also equipped Hybrid system that will make you more environmentally friendly and safer. With the power of 6.3liter V 12 engine and perfected with 161 bhp KERS (a technology applied in super- fast Formula 1 cars or F1) make this car is really very fast/ This car has a 7 machine transitions. This car is also only in the production of the number 499 only.

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New 2016 Ferrari Laferrari
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