2016 Ford Edge Changes Applied

2016 Ford Edge is a future car which release date is still until now. Although it is, some rumors mentioned that the car will arrive in dealers not in the year of 2015 but in 2016. While the release date is still unknown, there are in fact other interesting details known already about the car. One of those is the changes applied by the manufacturer to the car. In simple words, it can be said that the major changes are located in both exterior and interior design of the car which are made to be quite different from the design owned by the current series of the car series.

2016 Ford Edge front view red colors design pictures

What You Can Find from the Design

From exterior point of view, the first change of 2016 Ford Edge can be seen quite much in the front part of the SUV. The first one is located in the new front end which makes the car distinctive from the current version. Other than this, new front grille as well as hood that is elevated are in fact the ones that contributes quite much in the new look of the car. Definitely, the type of engine installed under the hood of this SUV will also be different from the type of engine applied to the current car version. Even the detail of this engine is not yet known right now, one sure thing is that this will be an EcoBoost engine, which is none other but the one famous because of the best fuel economy value. This is in fact something which can possibly put the car in the category of efficient family car in the year of 2016.

2016 Ford Edge interior dashboard photo

Interior Is Awesome!

If the exterior changes of 2016 Ford Edge do not seem to be that significant, different things can be seen in the interior design of it. In simple words, it can be said that the changes inside it is way more significant that the exterior changes. The dashboard of it is not only new but is also made to be more curvaceous. Other than this, the seats also receive some changes in the form of exposed stitching that becomes good complement for the premium leather material. Talking about leather, there is in fact new trim detail that is included in the car design. For the year of 2016, leather look trim detail is offered by the manufacturer. Of course, this will add the luxury value of the car interior. Another important change which should not be forgotten is none other but the addition of quite a lot of new technology features, including the self-parking system that is in fact the most significant one.

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New 2016 Ford Edge Changes Applied
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