2016 Ford Mustang Concept Release Date

Sporty car lovers will be glad to see 2016 ford mustang. 2016 ford mustang GT350 will be next generation of Mustang that is supplied with awesome features. Model of this sporty car is different from previous version. Surely you will know high performance of the car till you drive it yourself. It is important to read 2016 ford mustang review to lead you notice detail specification and features about the car.

2016 ford mustang new concept pictures

2016 Ford Mustang Specs

2016 ford mustang brings new look which reflects tough and cool character. We are going to talk about features or strengths of the new version of ford mustang. Standard features of mustang seem like common car. Upcoming mustang is designed with cool architecture that becomes character. Model of 2016 mustang is different from other versions since it sticks out modern classic model mixed perfectly.

Exterior design of 2016 ford mustang is painted in various colors. You will be surprised looking at cool design of ford mustang 2016. This newest model is designed with tough bumper on back and front side. Headlamps are created to enlighten your road. Air scoops are supplied with mesh panel. Thick tires are supported with alloy metal rims. Those wills have large diameter for likewise other sporty car. Exterior and interior design indicate elegant and powerful image. Steering wheel and control system in cabin are set neatly to ease you reach all buttons freely.

What makes 2016 ford mustang run so fast? Of course it is enhance by excellent engine V8 5.0L that results fast and powerful performance of ford mustang 2016. With V8 engine it runs with torque in 631 lb ft and 662 hp. This engine is often used in other series of this elegant car. Brake system is able to work optimally. Quad exhaust system results soft and aerodynamic move. Additional air inlets are available on this mustang ford. It is supported with by great manual and automatic transmission up to six speeds.

2016 ford mustang exterior design pictures

In market, 2016 ford mustang is listed in same class with its new competitor such as 2016 Chevrolet camaro. Both of them bring different specification, strengths and weakness. Other competitors for 2016 ford mustang 2016 include Nissan GT-R and Chevrolet Corvette. Thus you need to select which one suit to your preference. Price of ford mustang 2016 is around $54.995. You must be patient waiting for excellent sporty car ford mustang 2016 since it won’t be launched till 2015.

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New 2016 Ford Mustang Concept Release Date
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