2016 Ford Ranger : Small Truck Style

Since the release of Ford 150, Ford Ranger has been getting low selling in around the world especially America. This compact truck which actually been favorite of many people is rumored to get new come back with a new name, the Ford F-100. The 2016 Ford Ranger or F-100 will still feature a small truck with power for those who are not in the favor of big trucks.

ford ranger 2016 new concept images

2016 Ford Ranger Rumor

The rumor said that the changing of the name is due to the strategy of Ford who wants to increase the selling of their F-series; by changing the name 2016 Ford Ranger sales will be included in F-series sales. The spotted mysterious camouflaged Ford that is suspected as the prototypes of New Ford F-100 shows a dual pipe in the back indicating there is a possibility of a diesel engine. But some speculate Ford will also be working on hybrid engine to fill out the fuel efficiency regulation for 2016 and 2025.

2016 Ford Ranger Concept

2016 Ford Ranger will be slightly smaller from the Ford Mustang or Ford F-150 with closer distance for the width of the wheels that will make smaller trail from the future Ford Ranger. A body with a lighter weight is also being developed by Ford to balance the hybrid engine. As Green car is on the trends, Ford Ranger will give a new look for a green car concept rather than any other hybrid city car.

ford ranger 2016 rear angle images

2016 Ford Ranger Release Date

With 2016 Ford Ranger and it’s soon to be hybrid engine, you will still get the sturdy look but with environmental friendly features. 2016 Ford Ranger or Ford F-100 will more likely to borrow the aero dynamic look from sedan but with the look of truck-like. For you who like the look of a truck but dislike a bulky fleet look, you can wait for this Ford Ranger as it has been confirmed to be release on the early 2016.

2016 Ford Ranger Gallery

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New 2016 Ford Ranger : Small Truck Style
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