2016 Ford Taurus Redesign and Changes

If being asked about future cars which will undergo a quite big makeover, it cannot be denied that 2016 Ford Taurus is one of those. This is in fact no longer a secret kept by the manufacturer. Previously, the clearly mentioned that big makeover is about to be done to Taurus which is designed to be released on the year of 2016. Based on this, they also mentioned that a lot of changes will be applied to the car as well. For you to know, the most significant change applied to this can be seen in the platform. For the year of 2016, the platform of Taurus is totally new. This will be made to be lighter compared to the platform of the previous series of the car because more aluminum material is used. This is definitely good news because it also means that the car can perform much better and faster than before.

2016 ford taurus SHO redesign

2016 Ford Taurus Redesign

Definitely, the new platform is not the only change can be found in the new 2016 Ford Taurus. The fact you have to know is that there are also quite a lot of other changes which can make the car to be much better than its predecessor. For example, the fuel economy of it is already tested better. This better fuel economy is not only the one resulted from the weight-loss experienced by this new car. Instead, it is also because of the new feature added to its engine, which is the 9-speed automatic gearbox. For the engine, this new Taurus will be adorned with some engine options. One of those is known to be a V6 engine with the ability to produce 365 horsepower. If the ecoboost version of this engine is also offered, definitely this will give the car an even better fuel economy than the one given by the regular V6 engine.

2016 ford taurus interior dashboard

2016 Ford Taurus Changes

For the design, of course there are some changes applied to the exterior as well as interior of this 2016 Ford Taurus. In the exterior, new and iconic hexagonal front grille will be added. Actually, this is the one that makes the car to be quite similar to other car of Ford, which is the 2015 Fusion. In the interior, the most significant change might be seen in the more spacious interior which will significantly add more comfort to passengers. Unfortunately, this may cause to the downsizing of space in the trunk of the car.

New 2016 Ford Taurus Redesign and Changes
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