2016 Ford Torino Concept

2016 Ford Torino is future car that come with sports car model that is very interesting. This car will come as a reliable and interesting competitor. You will feel good comfort in a car future of this. When you drive this car then you feel the speed you want. It will be future car that you really want.

2016 Ford Torino highway design pictures

2016 Ford Torino Concept

When talking about machine then of course we would hope that future of this car comes with outstanding performance. 2016 Ford Torino will have a 5.0 V8 machine derived from previous engine Ford Mustang GT. These machines will produce maximum horsepower 435. With a top speed of 170 miles, it goes from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds. But another rumor saying that maybe this car will come with a 3.7L Ti-VCT V6 with 300 horsepower and 280 lb.-ft. of torque. This sports car will have a fuel economy that is very imposing deliver 15 mpg in city and 25 mpg on highways. So this will make you always happy when driving with a car that this not wasteful. With details of these machines, then you can think of car is worth to you to choose.

We will see interesting machine that will be present in this luxury sports car. 2016 Ford Torino will come up with different curvature which gives car seem different and does not have bumper. Front car body will be relatively lower of rear. Not only that this car will come with elegant aerodynamic and 5 inches longer of previous version. Approximately 70% of body is made of aluminum, which produce lighter car and also improve performance. Wheel size is known about 20 inches alloy and lamps will feature two separate headlamps have latest LED technology, giving drivers better visibility in accordance with latest trends in the production of lamps. In a car will have an 8 inch LCD screen located on dashboard. Of The LCD can be used to control various functions of car. Steering wheel-lift down slightly to ensure better handling.

There are leather seats and ample leg room is present for both passengers and driver. This car is also equipped with a standard USB connectivity and Bluetooth entertainment purposes and GPS. For optional, car has a powerful speaker with a maximum output. Regarding existing security designed for all passenger airbag and an airbag is present in the driver’s foot space for additional security. It is a design that is very complete and interesting. You will feel comfortable in a car future of this. This is best car that is very interesting and good.

2016 Ford Torino Release date

For release date of this car will probably come in early 2016 or could have come early at the end of 2015. This car will into a car that is very interesting and good. You will feel comfortable of this car. We also hope that this car will be a very reliable competitor car. This car will make you happy when you drive this car.

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New 2016 Ford Torino Concept
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