2016 GMC Envoy Perfect Return

Introducing the All New GMC Envoy

2016 GMC Envoy – GMC General Motors is one of the most famous and qualified automakers from United States. This legendary automaker often creates brilliant innovations that become the trendsetter for other car manufacturing. The GMC Envoy is one of the awesome creations that have made long term perfectness since its first coming in 1998. The success of this series will be continued and redesign in the all new 2016 GMC Envoy. This is an SUV car which has some wellness on its strength, endurance, and toughness.

2016 GMC Envoy rear angle design colors

The Redesigned Exterior and Interior of the All New GMC Envoy

The tough and strong appearance of an SUV car will always be kept on this legendary car series. The all new 2016 GMC Envoy will be restyled with tougher and dynamic front grille. The front grille is chromed with sterling steel that also reflects the luxurious taste. The overall body kit will be larger in this new series; that can ensure you to load more passengers. This car series will be suitable for any roads and weather conditions. The strong and tough body kit can really enhance your long distance mobility. The main road or harder terrains will be the specialization of this Jimmy car model. The larger wheelbase combined with radial tires really enhance your move in any hard terrains include mud, swamp, rock, sand, and so on. Both rear and all wheel drive configurations will offer you with the same awesome performance and easy shifted. The difference is around each configuration’s ability in handling the road textures. The all wheel drive configuration will be more effective in harder terrains. The macho tastes are also presented to you through the interior design. The concepts for the design will be more simple but meaningful. You will fully impressed by the combination of light and darker brown along the cabin. This concept really comes up the natural and sporty styles.

The Super Power Train in the All New GMC Envoy

Besides presents the awesome feature and design through the outlook, the super power train is also completed inside this car. The all new 2016 GMC Envoy is powered by super engine in 5.3 liter V8. This power train type can produce more than 302 horse powers. Providing your car with this engine, you will find an incredible driving experience.

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New 2016 GMC Envoy Perfect Return
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