2016 GMC Sierra Changes Concept

The well known auto manufacturer General Motors seems that going to hit the market place with the presence of the new series of GMC sierra. As the division of truck and SUV of General Motors, this new series will be likely so favored by those the dashing truck or SUV with great performance. For those who demand the challenging and masculine cars. 2016 GMC Sierra is suitable for showing your gentleness as a masculine man.

2016 GMC Sierra new concept images

2016 GMC Sierra New Features

2016 GMC Sierra has the new look which is more refined and so much improved with some new looks. The C shaped LED lighting on most headlight package. 2016 GMC Sierra design which has the taller griller and it is also wider than the previous generation. It is purposely made to let the air circulation especially into the engine compartment on this car is better, to flow more air, cooler air to let you feel relax and comfortable inside the cars.

2016 GMC Sierra Redesign

For the wheels, 2016 GMC Sierra is more rounded and it offers the inlaid fender flares which are smaller to frame the wheel openings. Then, for the hood on all aluminum in this type of cars gives the larger and singular bulge that implies that there is something which is quite powerful even the power trains are carried out. The same redesigned cabs and also slicker aero designs are installed in this new series. It is as the lighter duty of Sierra 1500. In fact, this new series will offer the more chrome accents than the comparable one Chevys.

2016 GMC Sierra rear angle images

2016 GMC Sierra Interior

2016 GMC Sierra offers the new interior with the higher quality materials and textures in the four trim packages. For example the new consoles design to maximize the storage, then the cup holders and also the power ports. It has five USB ports and the small 300 watt inverter for the devices of 120 volt plug-in. The knobs with the solid gripping and the driver information center which is set between the speedometer and the tachometer.

2016 GMC Sierra left side images

2016 GMC Sierra Competitor

For you information, 2016 GMC Sierra is actually like a twin of the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500 HD. From how it is technically similar and mechanically similar then it makes sense on saying this new series is actually having a twin. But still, both of these cars are unique and worth to be your masculine rides because both of these cars are the complete packages of truck with the perfect performance and engine also the great designs.

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New 2016 GMC Sierra Changes Concept
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