2016 Honda CR-V Expectation for 2017

If we follow the five year cycle of Honda redesign, it can be certain that we would expect a new Honda CR-V by the year 2017 or as early as 2016 Honda CR-V. While under the Acura brand, Honda has already upgraded the CR-V type for Acura, the RDX. The redesign will most likely involve a massive improvement on exterior and interior, and also new technologies.

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2016 Honda CR-V Lower Price

But with added technology, 2016 Honda CR-V or 2017 Honda CR-V will still maintain lower price for the comfort of the buyers. Latest technology like smart dashboard and instant smart phone connectivity will be two of the navigating improvement. While on the engine, Honda is considering lower fuel consumption with lower emission and there is a possibility for a hybrid or full electric 2016 Honda CR-V, too.

2016 Honda CR-V Powertrain

For the green car lovers, the option of 2016 Honda CR-V that runs on electricity might be a delight. Or for a better adaptation, CR-V will provide hybrid engine that will have longer time on battery use. A new technology of battery durability is being developed by Honda. But until the release in 2016 or 2017, 2014-2015 Honda CR-V will still use the 2.4 liter four cylinder engines as it moves toward the Earth Dreams engine. Earth Dreams engine is the newest technology on car engine that uses direct fuel injection that will produce more power and more efficiency in fuel consumption.

honda cr-v rear angle design pictures

2016 Honda CR-V New Features

It will carry two type of drive, which are AWD (All Wheel Drive) and front-wheel drive. The fuel efficiency technology and the upgrades on the interior such as leather seating, rear seating heater system, 8 cupholders, and dashboard technology and parking assistance are the highlight of the new CR-V releases.


2016 Honda CR-V competitors are Ford Escape, Toyota RAV-4 and Nissan Rogue from the compact crossover car class.

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New 2016 Honda CR-V Expectation for 2017
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