2016 Honda Pilot Concept and Redesign

The Upgraded Well of 2016 Honda Pilot
2016 Honda Pilot is the proof that the Company Honda is always listening and understanding the needs and complaints from customers. It is proved from how Honda fixed and gave the better car for the entire of family. This new car is a large Honda SUV which can let 8 people of even more inside and take a ride together. This is the good and exact choice for the big family.

2016 honda pilot release date photos

2016 Honda Pilot New Features

2016 Honda Pilot has strength which makes this new car will compete and join the market place well. For example the new platform which is Acura MDX, all thanks to the designers of the platform of this new SUV from Honda. This new platform increases the space between the second row and the third row which means that you may sit comfortably inside this car. This is also useful for increasing the cargo space for placing many things inside your car. The aluminum materials are used for lessen the weight which makes the better fuel consumption for efficiency.

2016 Honda Pilot gives the best features like improved AC system. 2016 Honda Pilot features such as USB touch screen and a host of other features. You will get back up camera, cruise control and different light which are ranked four stars by National Security Agency as the proof of Honda’s credibility.

For this new series, 2016 Honda Pilot specs are improved from the engine of v6 3, 5 l which produces 310 hp and it is able in 265 lb-ft of torque. 2016 Honda Pilot gives the choices of 4 models; those are LX, EX, EX-L and Touring. These four models are all incredible. You may choose the CVT gearbox which is able for the front wheel drive or you can choose automatic transmission with six gears if you want the all four wheels drive.

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New 2016 Honda Pilot Concept and Redesign
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