2016 Hummer H2 Military Taste

Hummer General Motors is the United States automaker which specially focuses in producing the toughest adventure car. Since its first coming in 2002, the Hummer H2 becomes the most success product which reaches the profitable success in global auto market. This military themed car will be revised again in the all new 2016 Hummer H2. It is a type of SUV and SUT which is really tough and strong for all aspects. Categorizing as Sport Utility Truck (SUT), H2 series has special ability in hauling cargo with an extendable box that can reach up to 6 feet in length. This is the only car which has this special ability.

2016 hummer h2 military

2016 Hummer H2 Improvements

Through the overall outlook of the all new 2016 Hummer H2, you will be impressed by tough and luxurious body shape. The body kit is available in full black chrome which truly supports your adventure taste. As its concepts in coming up the military themed car, the body kit is very sharp and dynamic on every angle. The new H2 series will be larger than all the previous series which is upgraded for more than 8000 pounds in weight. The new series will be also oversized in tire dimension within 40 x 15.5 x 20. These radial tires can be appropriate for any harder terrain conditions such as mud, ice, soil, sand, and so on. The new improvements in independent front torsion bar suspension will make your driving becomes more smooth and comfortable. The four wheel drive can be also easily shifted into rear wheel drive while driving on the main road. The new grille combined with Hummer emblem will be your first impressing attention from the front row. The interior comes with the toughest off-road concept too with all black around the cabin. This interior design looks gorgeous, clear, and sporty. You will be more assisted with more assisting features include outside temperature indicator, compass, navigation system, rear radio controls, air bags, air conditioning, and many more.

2016 Hummer H2 Powertrain

In order to enhance its performance in hard terrains, the all new 2016 Hummer H2 is completed by cutting edge technology. This new technology is combined with powerful engine in a 6.0 liter V8 that can fully produce 393 horse powers or 293 KW. This car will be very appropriate in reaching the best performance of this monster car. The cutting edge technology will give better performance with lower fuel consumption.

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New 2016 Hummer H2 Military Taste
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