2016 Infiniti Q60 Redesign and Release Date

2016 infiniti q60 is one of latest cars that you must have for your future. All people in the world need to buy best car. Most people are looking for best car with high technology features so they can reach all destinations in fast and easy way. How about Infiniti Q60? Some people talk about some redesign and rumors of this car. People also predict when this car will be released on the market. For all of you who really want to know more about this best car, you better check all things here.

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2016 Infiniti Q60 Redesign

When we talk about new 2016 infiniti q60, there are some rumors that we can find in some sites. Most people talk about this car and people say that this car will be released with some new names such as G Sport Coupe, or Convertible or M Sedan. Most people also predict that the company will release four modes of this car and it makes people easy to choose one that is suitable with their taste and their need. New Infiniti Q60 will be made with some same features like what we can see in the Q50 sedan. Coupe will become important thing for platform of this new car. How about the performance of this car? Most people also predict the engine system that will be used in this new car. You can find some Redesign in Q60 but we can find similar things and features too between Q50 and Q60.

This new car will be made with V6 and also 3.7 L engine system. By using this engine system, this car will be able to produce at least 328 HP. This car will be completed with turbocharged four-cylinder and you can also find diesel engine system in this car. The diesel engine system that is used in this car is similar with diesel engine system that is used in Mercedes Benz. Most people also predict that this car will be sold with hybrid version or it will become eco friendly car too. You can choose rear wheels or all wheels type.

2016 infiniti q60 convertible

2016 Infiniti Q60 Release Date

When this car will come to the market? According to some sources we know that this car will be released in the mid or end of next year. For all of you who are asking about price of this car, there is no information yet about price of this car so you need to be patient in waiting for further information about 2016 infiniti q60.

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New 2016 Infiniti Q60 Redesign and Release Date
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