2016 KIA K900 Changes Specs

Most of sedan consumers never consider Korea Auto Brand would produce exclusive sedan. As we know that most of Korean auto brand only produce cheap and small economy cars. However, you would have different perspective if you see the new 2016 Kia K900. It is not cheap and small economy sedan. Instead, it is an exclusive sedan that has luxury price tag on it. You would be surprised if you see the cabin. It is very large and convenient to make you feel comfort. Kia has a strategy to create luxury car. The strategy to manufacture a car model that is larger and more luxurious than the previous model but it still offers a great value of price. As the result, this new exclusive car would be included as different class lineup so that new buyers would visit the KIA’s showroom to find this exclusive car model. As the result, Kia releases the K900 that it cost less than Optima Limited mid-size sedan and it is larger than Cadenza Limited.

2016 KIA K900 white colors design picture

2016 KIA K900 Changes

On the front part, you will see the signature brand of KIA on the chrome-ringer grille. The grille and front bumper of K900 is similar with Tesla Model S. however, when you see its rear part, you would notice that it is similar with Lexus sedan. Inside the cabin, 2016 Kia K900 offers the value of luxurious sedan. The prominent point is its cabin size, which is very large in sedan segment. You can choose two different trims for the interior cabin that are leather or wood trim. Most of the features is a standard set that is common thing for the luxurious sedan such as cruise control and so on. In addition, there is no unique feature from KIA K900. However, considering the quality, feature, and price, it is a tempting choice to own this affordable luxurious sedan.

2016 KIA K900 interior dashboard

2016 KIA K900 Specs

There are two engine versions of 2016 KIA K900. The first one is V-8 VIP model engine that can produce powerful performance, which is 420 horsepower. The engine is accelerated with an 8-speed transmission with rear drive wheels. The second model has lower performance. It uses V-6 engine with 3.8-liter capacity that can produce 311 horsepower with the same transmission. Unfortunately, there is no ll wheel drive system, diesel engine, nor hybrid engine. The fuel economy rate is standard.

2016 KIA K900 Release date

With those features and performance, you only need to pay around $ 65,500 only. Though there is no prominent feature, but it is still can be considered as luxurious sedan with interesting price. It is available now. You can find the complete 2016 KIA K900 price and feature on the KIA’s official website.

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New 2016 KIA K900 Changes Specs
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