2016 KIA Optima Great Amazing Changes

If you are interested with luxurious and sporty sedan car, the all new 2016 KIA optima is your best choice. This is a midsize sedan car which has been in heart for some auto lovers. The KIA Optima is firstly released on global market since 2000. This is the type of series car which has produced three generation so far. The third generation was released three years ago in 2011. You will be lucky for having the next generation since the all new Kia Optima comes with new improvements and changes in some aspects.

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There are some changes and improvements starting from the exterior and interior part of the all new 2016 KIA Optima. At the first glance you will be impressed with the overall view of this fourth generation Optima. The sporty and luxurious styles will be the first show in the all new KIA Optima. Starting from the first row, the fresh concept is allocated through its new grille and headlight. The new grille looks more elegant and aerodynamic with slimmer design than the previous series. As the characteristic of sporty and luxurious sedan car, the headlights come with new sharp and dynamic triangular shape. Moreover, the new technology of LED lights will be completed to the head and tail light. The body shape will be slimmer with lower roof. The interior part also comes with new design and features. The premium and fine material for the passenger seats will be available in the all new KIA Optima. The combination of black and white in the whole cabin becomes the hot concept which can really satisfy your luxury and sporty style. Moreover, this new car is absolutely completed with high technology entertainment devices and full safety systems. The safety systems in this new Optima includes forward collision warning, blind spot detection, air bags, smart cruise control, lane departure warning system, navigation system, and many more.

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The all new 2016 KIA Optima will not satisfy your modern taste through its exterior and interior part. The new powerful engine will also enhance your driving performance. This luxurious and sporty sedan car is completed with a Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Power Train. This hybrid engine can ensure you with two power source in gasoline and electrical engine choices. The all new KIA Optima will be powered by 2.4 liter turbo charge that can produce more than 206 hp.

The All new 2016 KIA Optima will be your dreamy sedan car with all new improvements in design and feature. Your waiting for this mid size sedan car will absolutely stop in the end of 2015. The all new 2016 KIA Optima Price will be purchased around $22.035 up to $34.813.

New 2016 KIA Optima Great Amazing Changes
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