2016 Land Rover Discovery Best Sport SUV

2016 land rover discovery is called as best sport SUV that you must buy. Land Rover promises to give better SUV for all people in the world. New Land Rover Discovery will meet all people’s demand of best SUV for their activities and their life. Actually there are so many auto manufactures that offer you SUV but you better check this new Land Rover Discovery and you will feel so happy to have it. This car is called as best premium compact SUV for future too. Before you purchase this car, you need to check the specification of this car first and then check the competitors of this car too. You can compare with the competitor and then finally you will get one that is best for you. You can read more information about this car below.

land rover discovery 2016 model

Specification of 2016 land rover discovery

New 2016 land rover discovery is made better not only in interior or exterior of this car but you will be able to get better specification in this car. Land Rover produces new Land Rover Discovery for new car in 2016. When you drive with this car, you will reach your top speed at 155 mph. You will be able to reach your first 60 mph only with 8 seconds. Most people can see the prototype of this car when they visit New York Auto Show. You can also find some other products from Land Rover such as Land Rover Discovery Vision. The concept of this car is modern SUV so you will find some features inside this car that will help you to drive this car in better way. This car is not only best SUV for you because it offers best engine system but you can get luxury look of this car. You will feel so proud when you drive this car to all places that you want. This car will combine utility and also luxury and you must want to have this car. How about the competitor of this car? You will find one of some competitors of this car.

Competitor of 2016 land rover discovery

One of best competitors of this car is Jaguar C-X17. Jaguar C-X17 is made with powerful engine too. You will find 3.0 L supercharged with V6 engine system . This car is offered with smaller engine too, 2.0L with inline four engine that will be able to produce at least 240 hp. This car will be ready in the end of 2015 and it will become heavy competitor for 2016 land rover discovery. You are free to choose one of best car that you like. When you want to read more about Land Rover Discovery, you still can access the official site of Land Rover and then check the picture of this car.

New 2016 Land Rover Discovery Best Sport SUV
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